September 27, 2023

How Can I Clean My Air Ducts By Myself?

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How Can I Clean My Air Ducts By Myself?

Using a ducted vacuum and ozone treatment to kill vermin will keep your air ducts clean and free from contaminants. You may also need to hire an AC duct cleaning company in Dubai for professional services. Here are some tips on cleaning your air ducts:

Using a ducted vacuum:

If you are trying to clean the air ducts in your home, you probably have a few questions. First, do you have the right tools for the job? If you don’t, you can use paper towels or cloth towels to cover supply registers and vacuum up loose dust. However, you should be aware that a standard household vacuum can’t reach these deep ducts.

Using ozone treatment:

Using ozone treatment to clean air vents and ducts yourself is easy, but you should follow certain precautions. First, you should remove any source of the odor and thoroughly clean all affected areas. Using a vacuum, wiping surfaces, and dusting is not enough; you should also clean the entire home thoroughly. This step will help you eliminate the odors. It is also recommended to rent an ozone generator.

When cleaning air ducts, you should first vacuum the area to remove any debris. Since ductwork is a dark and cool area, it will likely have mold and bacteria. Also, close all vents except one. This way, you will avoid leaking ozone. In addition, you must close all vents to prevent mold from growing and spores from spreading.

Using a ducted vacuum to remove dead vermin:

When a dead vermin or rodent gets stuck inside your air ducts, it can leave a foul odor in the house. Not only will it smell terrible, but it will also damage the ducts. Using a ducted vacuum to remove dead vermin is an excellent way to remove the smell. Here’s how:

First, insert the inspection camera into the opening. It may take a few minutes to locate the carcass. Then, install the extension attachment onto the hose and enter the nearest vent opening. Repeat these steps until the dead animal is removed from your house. After the dead animal is removed, clean it up with disinfectant spray and dispose of it properly. If you can’t locate the dead animal with the inspection camera, simply follow its scent with a ducted vacuum.