September 27, 2023

What Are Oxygen Concentrators And Its Features?

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An oxygen concentrator is a device that uses special filters and sieve beds to separate Nitrogen from oxygen. It comes with an electronic user interface that enables you to adjust the delivery settings and concentration. The device is typically portable and works by inhaling air through a nasal cannula. The output of an oxygen concentrator is measured in liters per minute, which varies depending on the user’s oxygen needs during sleep and rest. If you are considering buying this device, click here to know the oxygen concentrator price in Dubai.

Portable oxygen concentrators:

A portable oxygen concentrator is a device that provides the same oxygen therapy that a home oxygen concentrator can. The portable version is smaller and more mobile. It is great for traveling, for example. And unlike its home counterpart, a portable oxygen concentrator can be used anywhere, so it doesn’t require a plug-in power source. Portable oxygen concentrators are especially useful for people who need oxygen therapy in different locations.

Stationary oxygen concentrators:

If you are unable to move around, you can use stationary oxygen concentrators. They are the most efficient and lightweight concentrators available on the market. They come with an electronic interface that allows you to adjust the flow rate and delivery settings. You can even adjust the oxygen dosage and pulse rate based on your needs. You should always consult a doctor to find out if you have a coronavirus or not.

COVID-19 oxygen concentrator:

The COVID-19 oxygen concentrator is one of the most popular models of portable medical oxygen devices on the market. It offers high-flow oxygen to patients who cannot breathe on their own. Unlike the cylinders that are limited in supply, the concentrators are portable. They are not suitable for patients with severe COVID-19. They should be used only by mildly ill patients. If your oxygen saturation level is under 85%, you should consult your healthcare provider.

Sieve bed filter:

The sieve bed filter in an oxygen concentrator works by trapping dissolved and particulate matter within a solid, porous medium. The material, usual zeolite, is activated by hot gas, such as hydrogen sulfide gas, which passes through the concentrator. The concentrator typically has a free-standing container, and the sieve is mounted inside of this container.