March 28, 2023

What Is Basic Of Bookkeeping?

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What Is Basic Of Bookkeeping?

There are many types of bookkeeping. You can learn more about cash basis and accrual basis. You can also learn about the Double-entry system and Chart of accounts. Listed below are some common mistakes people make when trying to keep track of their business. Hopefully, this article will help you avoid them. Regardless, bookkeeping is an essential part of running your business. Here are the basic steps to keeping track of your financials with the help of bookkeeping services in Dubai.

Cash basis:

A business can benefit from using the cash basis of bookkeeping. It makes it easy to keep track of cash flow by not accounting for customer purchases or sales until the customers or vendors pay. But cash accounting can have some pitfalls. Here’s a look at some of the drawbacks. It isn’t for every business. Some businesses find it useful for their business model, while others are put off by the tax implications.

Accrual basis:

You may have heard of accrual in the context of finance and may be wondering how it applies to bookkeeping. Simply put, it means adding up different types of investments over time. In the bookkeeping realm, accrual means that you will account for income on a pro-rata basis.

Double-entry system:

When you want to make your financial statements more accurate, you need to know how to use a double-entry system. This system requires two separate entries for every transaction, or debits and credits. Each debit must be offset by a corresponding credit. In other words, the sum of the debits and credits must equal the amount of the respective asset or liability. With this system, you can keep your financial statements accurate and produce financial statements that will help investors make better decisions.


Books of accounts record all business transactions. A bookkeeper must record these transactions correctly under the correct account numbers. An inaccurate recording can lead to mismatched account balances and non-closure of books. To perform a trial balance, simply add up the debit and credit columns separately. This way, the bookkeeper can determine the current state of financial affairs. However, this method is time-consuming and requires skill. Regardless of which method is used, these are the basic elements of good bookkeeping.