June 17, 2024

4 Amazing Facts To Know About Musandam

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If you’re planning a trip to the United Arab Emirates, you might want to consider visiting Musandam, an Omani enclave within the region. This region is known for its fish and hot springs. You can reach the region easily from Dubai and Sharjah and is home to several hot springs. Here are some things you should know before Musandam tour from Dubai. First, check out the region’s map.

Musandam is an Omani enclave within the United Arab Emirates

The Omani enclave of Musandam is located on the northern tip of the UAE and controls the Strait of Ormuz. The coastline is steep and choppy, making dolphin-watching difficult, but you can still experience the charm of this region on a dhow cruise. You will sail to the fjords of the Arabian Peninsula, stop off at Telegraph Island, and navigate past Bedouin villages. You will have an English-speaking guide who can give you a tour of the Omani enclave.

It is accessible from Dubai and Sharjah

For those in search of a day trip, a road trip from Dubai to Musandam is an excellent option. It’s easy to reach Musandam by car by driving down the Corniche Road, which connects Dubai to neighboring Ajman and the Arabian Gulf Street. A trip through Musandam will reveal gorgeous beaches, attractive waterfronts, and glorious date palms. While there are many tourist attractions in Musandam, there are also places to go in the UAE and Sharjah that are less crowded. Khor Al Beidah, for instance, is home to abundant birdlife and is an excellent place to take a day trip from Dubai to Musandam.

It is known for its fish

Musandam is also renowned for its rich seafood, including sardines, pomfret, kingfish, and catfish. The region’s high point is Jebel Harim, also known as the “Mountain of Women.” It stands at a height of 2,087 meters and was used by women to escape pirates. These days, however, it is a popular tourist attraction for both locals and tourists, and many international visitors come to this region for its stunning views. Visitors can also choose to hike or take a horse ride up the mountain.

It is a place to get lost

If you are traveling to the United Arab Emirates, you may have heard of Musandam. However, you might not know what exactly is so special about this place. For starters, the area is surrounded by the bluest waters in the world. While in Musandam, you will discover the majestic lagoons. These lagoons are a paradise for first-time travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.