June 17, 2024

Things You Didn’t Know About Musandam Oman

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When you’re looking forĀ a Musandam tour, you might not know that this small peninsula is an amazing place to see whale sharks. It’s also a popular spot for border runs. Let’s take a closer look at this rugged peninsula. What’s more, you’ll learn that it’s a surprisingly beautiful destination. We’ve compiled a list of the things you didn’t know about Musandam Oman.

It has a rugged landscape:

The emirate of Musandam Oman is home to a beautiful, rugged landscape and fascinating ancient rock art. The rugged landscape is characterized by rocky cliffs and the Khor Sham estuary is about 17 kilometers long. A mountain range dominates the backdrop, and the surrounding landscape is dotted with jagged rock formations. The rock art, some of which is more than 4,000 years old, depicts people riding camels and holding spears.

It offers whale shark sightings:

Oman’s waters are a haven for Whale Sharks. Although sightings are not as frequent as in other parts of the Indian Ocean, they are a welcome sight in the Gulf of Oman. While oil tankers pose a constant threat to the area’s waters, Whale Shark sightings are a reassuring reminder of the safety of these waters. While Oman has a strict policy regarding Whale Shark sightings, you’re likely to have an opportunity to observe these incredible creatures up close.

It is a popular spot for border runs:

The beautiful landscapes of Musandam Oman make it a popular spot for border runs. The mountains and inlets are reminiscent of Norway’s fjords, and the cliffs tower hundreds of meters over the Strait of Hormuz. A border run can be a fun way to see the country and experience its diverse culture. While there are plenty of roads in Musandam, most people focus on the Khasab region.

It has a turtle-friendly tour:

A turtle-friendly tour in Musandam is an unforgettable way to explore this stunning peninsula. During the day, a boat ride through the turquoise water is a fantastic way to experience the natural beauty of the Musandam Peninsula. You will also get a chance to spot turtles near the shore during quiet hours of the day. Once you’ve seen the turtles, head to the Musandam capital of Khor Najd, where you can visit the Portuguese fort.

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